Your old computer is dangerous!
Ok seriously, yes it can be.

Many people purchase a new computer or tablet. Have everything in the cloud via Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc..

They don’t need their old computer anymore. They think because you need a password to get into your Cloud Drive you’re safe. Wrong! Do you know if you use a desktop app that your Cloud Drive is synched with your computer? Even if you’ll never use your old computer again, data that was synched is there still sitting in cache or in a folder.

Before donating your computer to a Non-Profit. Friend or Family Member, please remove your synchronized data from the old computer. This can be done first by making sure you remove(uninstall) the app from your programs. If you remove your docs and pics before removing the desktop application and you’re connected to the internet, there is a chance you will¬†delete it off the Cloud Drive as well.

So make sure that you’re either offline before removing your data or remove the application first.

A preferable security disk wipe of your existing hard drive would be the best option after your done. This will ensure that recovery programs can’t bring back your information once it was deleted. This might be too costly especially you don’t want to put more money in an old computer. So ask yourself if your documents in someone else’s hands is worth it?

ID-Theft is on the rise and you can never be careful. Please contact us to do a professional security wipe on your hard drive(s). Or contact us for help in assisting the proper removal of your Cloud App and data from your old computer.