Data is like knowledge, but without a backup all that knowledge can be lost out the Windows 🙂

Backing up is not always necessary. If you use cloud options like Sky Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or many other cloud solutions. Your data is securely safe in the Cloud. In most of the cloud drive solutions out there you also have revisions of your data so you can go back to an earlier version of your document.

In a Business environment. Most of the time backing up can be tedious and expensive. There are many options of backup out there. Ranging from in-house backup solutions to cloud backup solutions. Full Server, Workstation backups or/and incremental backups. Also using many types of media from USB-Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, NAS Units, SAN Units and this list can go on. What is right for you? In-House? Offsite/Cloud? Or a combination?

A survey was done recently by Kroll Ontrack Inc. that reported that data loss has affected 74% organizations in the past two years. Moreover, it took many days for 32% organizations to recover from data loss, whereas other 16% never recovered. Don’t be one of these statistics. Ask us what are your options. Ask us for the best solution possible.

We have part of our team a disaster recovery lab with Certified Forensic Recovery professionals. Please contact us for more information.